How to Make Rice Wine

Rice wine is an alcoholic drink that has been consumed in Asia for hundreds of years. It is also a popular choice for cooking in many Asian dishes. Making rice wine at home takes several days but is a very straight forward process. Follow these steps to learn how to make rice wine.
  • - 4 cups (32oz) of glutinous rice
  • - 1 tsp. (5ml) of all purpose flour
  • - 1/4 of a Chinese yeast ball
  • - Hot water
  • Steps

    1. Make Rice Wine Step 1
      Put 4 cups (32oz) of glutinous rice ( gạo nếp0 into a 3-quart (2.9 liter) saucepan (cái chảo, chái xoong) .
      • Glutinous rice can be found in the Asian aisle of some grocery stores, Asian markets or specialty stores.
    2. Make Rice Wine Step 2
      Cover the rice with hot water and let it soak( ngâm)  for 1 hour.
    3. Make Rice Wine Step 3
      Drain (làm ráo ) the rice through a strainer ( nồi lọc) .
    4. Make Rice Wine Step 4
      Put the drained rice into a double-boiler with a lid ( nắp, vung)  or a steamer pan.
    5. Make Rice Wine Step 5
      Steam the rice for 25 minutes.
    6. Make Rice Wine Step 6
      Drain again and rinse ( rửa)  your steamed rice with warm water.
    7. Make Rice Wine Step 7
      Return the rice to your 3 quart (2.9 liter) saucepan.
    8. Make Rice Wine Step 8
      Crumble ( dã nát, đập vụn)  1/4 of a Chinese yeast ball ( men)  into a bowl.
      • A Chinese yeast ball can be found in the Asian aisle of some grocery stores, Asian markets or specialty stores.
    9. Make Rice Wine Step 9
      Mix the crumbled yeast with 1 tsp. (5ml) of all purpose flour.
    10. Make Rice Wine Step 10
      Add the yeast mixture to the warm rice and stir.
    11. Make Rice Wine Step 11
      Push the rice evenly against the sides of the pan, leaving a well in the middle.
    12. Make Rice Wine Step 12
      Cover the pan with plastic wrap.
    13. Make Rice Wine Step 13
      Place the pan lid over the plastic.
    14. Make Rice Wine Step 14
      Wrap the pan in a heavy towel and place it in a warm place like a water-heater closet.
    15. Make Rice Wine Step 15
      Allow to stand for 4 to 5 days.
      • After 4 to 5 days, the well you made should be full of liquid. If it's not, allow it to sit for a few more days or until the well is full.
    16. Make Rice Wine Step 16
      Spoon ( múc ) the rice into a cheesecloth ( vãi mỏng)  and squeeze (vắt) the liquid into a jar.
    17. Make Rice Wine Step 17
      Pour (rót, đổ, trút))  the rest of clear liquid to the jar, put the lid on and refrigerate (làm lạnh) . This is your homemade rice wine.
      • The remaining mashed rice is called wine lees and can be used for a condiment.
    18. Make Rice Wine Intro
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